Posted 03/20/2009 3:21:26 AM PDT

Hi Friends in Christ. I come from Kenya born again.Our church is in kenya within Capital city of Nairobi.we are thirty miles off Thika road. Our church have average eighty members and we have been blessed to have good leadership. We have been trying to get partners from outside Kenya inorder to help our youth .Secondly we have been kooking for funds to construct a new one since the previous one is old made of iron sheets.we had a fundrasing some time back and we were not able to get the target. We are looking for developmental partners in preaching the word of God. Currently our Sunday school make plays at the market and are paid some few icons.we are looking for partners in construction of a new morden church. Our church have eighty members and expect to expand. Our church is called RIVER MIRACLE CHURCH CENTRE.IN Kenya.Twenty miles from the city of Nairobi. All donations can be made to we shall be very grateful being part of the constructions map and design. Thanks George mburu CELL:254721610339